Big Boss is Watching Us : Manushya Puthiran

It has been three years

since I entered

a Big Boss show

Countless bizarre events

are happening in this house

Big Boss watches everything

You too watch

some of the edited oddities

There is nothing

Big Boss doesn’t know

Even if I buy a condom

Big Boss has to know

My credit card number

is linked to my Aadhar card

that has my iris scan

printed on it

Big Boss knows

I am buying a rope today

to hang myself

We are being recorded

everywhere by the

surveillance cameras

of Big Boss

Political deals are recorded

Bedroom scenes are recorded

The entire nation

has become a tv studio

Big Boss

listens to my telephone conversations

reads my secret emails

counts the change in my bank account

knows the price of my underwear

The rules of the

Big Boss show I am in

are severe

We have to

speak the same language

eat the same food

hear the same voice

The house we are staying in

is turning into

the world’s biggest

mental asylum

Everyone is afraid

of everyone else

Suddenly some man howls

and instructs patriotism

In the name of patriotism

he cuts down and kills

some citizens of the nation

Denunciations are heard

Then it becomes quiet again

Big Boss keeps

delivering orders

over the speakers

He asks everyone

to stand up

for the national anthem

at the same time

Everyone stands up

He asks everyone

to sit on yoga mats

Everyone sits down

Many orders

have been delivered

in the last three years

Many of us have participated in

this Big Boss show

Others have to join together and find

a common enemy every day

Whoever remains at last

is the winner

This is a modern political ideology

People destroying people

People evicting people

Big Boss has written

the show’s script clearly

There is a clear plan

whom to evict

From that house

Big Boss

first evicted the Muslims

then Christians were evicted

then beef eaters were evicted

then rationalists were evicted

then Ambedkarists were evicted

then leftists were evicted

then educators were evicted

then economists were evicted

then cattle traders were evicted

then small traders were evicted

then farmers were evicted

then Gandhi was evicted

then Nehru was evicted

five hundred rupee and thousand rupee notes were evicted

honest journalists were evicted

honest judges were evicted

You cannot envision

a cruel game like this

A nation has turned into

a reality show of a Big Boss

Big Boss is watching all the

one hundred and twenty crore people

He controls them

He evicts some for not

conforming to his rules

I write poetry

with imagery

The cameras of Big Boss

ignore me

So I am still here

Big Boss

beats the show’s participants

with a whip

at least once a day

He describes

the bloody marks

growth indicators

of the nation

Big Boss is

never in this house

He is always in talks

with a head of some country

No one knows

what he talks

He is always signing

some pact

It is doubtful

he reads it

But wherever he is

he is watching us

monitoring us

In that show telecast on TV

the inmates of the house

can talk to each other

In the Big Boss show I am in

we form groups and

attack each other

Big Boss is satisfied

He realizes everything

is progressing well

as planned

and hurries to catch the next flight

No one knows when

this show will end

If it doesn’t end soon

every inmate of the house

will start killing

and eating the others

In the last episode of

this Big Boss show

no one will remain

except a cow and Big Boss

They will be the winners

 Big Boss is getting ready for season two

even before season one ends

Manushya Puthiran

Translated without permission by – Siva Lakshmi (Houston)